Uber Estimate

San Diego, CA

Travelling is Uber is fun, but it can be a bad experience if you end up paying higher ride cost. Uber does not show the ride fare beforehand and without knowing the fare estimate it can create a tricky situation for the end user. But with services like Uber Estimate one can calculate the total fare based on Uber API but the real question is why does not Uber show the total fare of the trip to the user beforehand.

There has been widespread criticism for Uber policy for not showing trip cost but Uber does not seem to take any action regarding this. One reason can be Uber being present in over 55 countries the regulatory compliances may hinder them for showing the cost beforehand or may be it impacts the User experience with the App.

All in all Uber is the best on demand cab service as compared to lyft (in usa), ola (in india) and didi (in china) but due to vast nature of there operations there are some compliance issues which can be sorted with time.

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